Frederick Worrell Caring For Patients Since 1982



“Dentistry for me is about helping others. Many dental problems hurt and dental fears are usually high, especially when there is pain involved. As a dentist, I have the ability to relieve that pain and reduce the fears, and in most cases, instantly improve the quality of life for people.”

“I learn every day and from every person that I meet. Every person is different and I am constantly exposed to new perspectives and ideas from different cultures, and I enjoy the constant learning I do in my practice. I believe that my caring nature and my desire to help others in the best way possible, and my constant practice of trying to see things from the shoes of the person I am treating, translates into patients who truly feel connected and cared for.” Dr. Worrell


A Brief History

Dr. Worrell was born in Richmond, Virginia and raised from the age of eight years old in St. Lucia, in the Caribbean. He is the second generation of dentists within his family. He has always had the utmost trust and complete absence of fear with dentists because he’s only known his parents as his dentists all his life! He enjoys building the same level of trustful, fearlessness, and happy relationships with people, just as his experiences have been at the dentist’s office.


Education and Training

Dr. Worrell After the completion of his dental program at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Dr. Worrell returned to St. Lucia where he joined the dental practice of his mother and father, who were graduates of Georgetown University and University of Washington schools of dentistry. In Saint Lucia, Dr. Worrell’s passion for dentistry and patient education was fueled by a desire to help bring a confident smile to many of the islanders and tourists, and to promote the understanding that optimal general health begins with a happy smile. Upon his return to the states, Dr. Worrell worked as an associate in downtown Seattle and Redmond. After giving up on the wonderful Seattle commute, Dr. Worrell bought his practice and began his journey in private practice near by his home.


A Giving Attitude

Dr. Worrell operates with the philosophy that makes sure all his patients are receiving the best possible care in maximum comfort. Careful listening is integral part of his practice. His calm demeanor and love for dentistry enable him to explain dental plans and treatments that reassure patients, especially children, and apprehensive patients. Dr. Worrell strives to provide gentle and caring dentistry to children and adults in a relaxing environment.

Along with his desire to help his patients, Dr. Worrell is also passionate about new advances in dentistry. He has invested greatly in new laser dental technologies and continuing education. By embracing the technologies and techniques on the cutting edge, Dr. Worrell provides his patients with the best care, the quickest healing time, and in the safest matter. He is a certified Invisalign® provider and has countless hours of continuing education and advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, periodontal therapy, dental implants, TMJ disorders, and orthodontics (fixed brackets).


Professional Affiliations

Academy of Laser Dentistry

American Dental Association

Washington State Dental Society

Academy of General Dentistry

Seattle-King County Dental Society

Snohomish County Dental Society


Outside the Office

Dr. Worrell’s wife Maryam is a former grade-school teacher in the LWSD district. She hung up her teaching hat two years ago and is now the office manager of the practice, educating and advocating for their patients. They have a young daughter named Amira and an even younger son named Frederick Jr. Traveling, cycling, and spending time with friends and family is what Dr. Fred loves most. Growing up as an islander and practicing competitive swimming, Dr. Fred feeds his passion for the water through recreational swimming and sport fishing. His ears are always ready for a great fishing story! Along with a passion for dentistry, Dr. Worrell also loves good music, something all patients notice when they’re in our office.