Meet the Team

Our team at WEDental loves being able to provide knowledgeable, concierge-level dental care to Lynnwood and surrounding areas. Minimally invasive yet comfortable dentistry is our goal, in the hope that your dental experience in our office will turn out to be the best you’ve ever had.

We are sincerely honored to work each day with such wonderful patients. We find great rewards in the high level of trust and satisfaction that patients experience with our WEDental dental team and our work at WEDental.





Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Alfredo graduated from his assisting program in sunny Riverside California. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially working with patients to ensure they receive the best possible care and experience in our office. Alfredo is an important part of our WEDental team on which he serves as an expanded function dental assistant. He also ensures that our Spanish-speaking patients fully understand their treatments and leave with all their questions answered.

When Alfredo is not in the office, he enjoys hanging out with his family outdoors, barbecuing, and going to the lake.