Mill Creek

All About Mill Creek

The city of Mill Creek is located in Snohomish County, Washington, and is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Seattle. During the late 19th century, early homesteaders settled in the area and began farming livestock and growing various vegetables and fruit. 

By the 1960s, developers showed interest in building a planned community on the large family farms. The families sold the land to a developer, and the new plans included a residential neighborhood with three golf courses. In 1972, the land was repurchased by a different corporation, and another development phase gave the community the name Mill Creek. 

They developed 1,073 acres of forest into a golf course and 4,600 large homes, along with multiple parks and trails. 

On Sept. 20, 1983, Snohomish residents voted to finally incorporate Mill Creek.

Living and Working in Mill Creek

Following the city’s incorporation, schools, shopping areas, and a library were added to the community. The City of Mill Creek designated a brand new 18-acre, mixed-use center and retail complex as the Mill Creek Town Center downtown. The award-winning Town Center is a pedestrian-friendly area that encourages shopping and gathering amongst friends and family. Development started in 2002. The first building, Park Place Center, opened in 2004, followed soon after by other restaurants and retailers

WeDental Near Mill Creek, Washington

WeDental is proud to serve Mill Creek and the surrounding Snohomish County with only the highest-quality dental care for the whole family. Its mission is to ensure every one of our patients receives comprehensive dental treatments of the highest standard possible in a safe and calming environment. Call us to schedule an appointment or to simply ask questions about our options for dental implants or dentures.

Mill Creek Community Assoc’s Private Nature Reserve Near WeDental

Only a fifteen-minute drive from WeDental is Mill Creek Community Association’s Private Nature Reserve, privately owned by the Community Association, for use by MCCA members and their guests. 

The Mill Creek Reserve trail highlights the region’s natural beauty, robust forest ecosystem, and a variety of wildlife smack dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. The reserve is very well maintained, clean and cool in the warmer months of the year. It’s a nice place to get some fresh air under the shade of tall trees. But honestly, it is a great place any time of the year.

The long walking path is completely paved for strollers, and there is a playground for the kiddies, as well. With a playfield and a small off-leash area right on the creek, it is also quite a dog friendly area. 

Walk, run, bike, whatever you desire; it is the ‘must’ place to visit if you live in the area. Skip the gym and get your exercise amongst the trees, creek, and wildlife!